Schools out, and just in time!

I was beyond ready for the school year to end. I enjoy the staff and students, but just getting to the point of the year where everything was being a pain in the ass. It’s nice to have the summer break (from staff, IT works 12 months), to reset, and get things back on a nice fresh state. Going to be a bit tricky this year to do so given my holidays that I have booked and my 2-3 weeks I’ll be spending in Brant helping other techs out, but still, nice to have a fresh start in September. To my 10 month staff : have a great summer. Enjoy your summer off, and stay the hell out of the schools 🙂 There is work being done, and if you come in earlier then the last week of August, you will be in the way, and likely disappointed when your technology doesn’t work. Probably very disappointed when you find out I can’t/won’t help you until the end of August. Seriously tho, have a great break! You deserve it!

Fortunately, our kids really enjoy school. Down side is, when the break comes, they are sad that school is out as they will miss their friends. Just going to have to  help them have as fun of a summer as we can. I foresee many pool days, and little day trips this summer sprinkled around to keep them occupied and out of mischief. Speaking of our kids, they both had fantastic years at school and are moving into grade 2 and 5. How they heck did they get so big? Love you two to pieces!

I’ve spent a ton of time in the garage working on the bug over the last few weeks. My small list has taken on a life of it’s own. It feels good to iron out many long over due tasks. Hopefully another week or so and my plans for the summer will be done and I can simply drive it for the remainder of the season. This winter, I plan on replacing the damaged fender and possibly the carb/exhaust. Time and money will tell.

Subaru wheel claim has been settled. Didn’t get exactly what I feel I should, but close enough that i’m happy. I’ve decided to hold off replacing the wheels for the time being. Too many other projects on the go. I’m gonna rock the 17’s this summer/winter and decide next spring what to do: Either purchase a shiny new set of wheels and tires, or possibly move on to the next toy. Time will tell. My main dream right now is the addition.

Hopefully one of these days Shannon will find some time to sit down with me and we can start ironing  out the plans for exactly we want to do. We need to seriously decide on dimensions, how wide/deep the addition will be. What exactly we need inside for interior walls, plumbing etc. All that stuff needs to be sorted sooner rather then later. I’d be pretty bummed if the project hasn’t broken ground by this time next year.


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In the home stretch

It’s June! At least that’s what the calendar says. Weather reports are showing much different. Looks like things will finally start warming up this week, so fingers crossed that everyone will be complaining about the heat soon!

Not too many updates this time out. My Subaru wheels were stolen about a month ago, and sadly never returned. Insurance paid me out, but sucks to take such a loss. Seeing as I only got about half of their value for them, I am just going to hold off replacing them for the time being. Too many other larger fish to fry this summer.  Otherwise, WRX has been doing fairly well. Finished the sub box build, and done some painting of parts to tie the look all together. Going to refresh the current wheels in the next couple weeks.

Kids have been doing amazing at baseball. Joe is in Tyke again this year, and Abby is playing Atom. I couldn’t be more proud with the determination and drive both kids are having for the sport. Practicing, even on their own, nearly every day. Not sure they will be able to keep that sort of pace up, but so far, so good! And as much as I jokingly complain, being at the ball diamonds 3-5 times a week is about the best place one can be in the summer.

During the week of Victoria day, I took a few days of holidays and was able to knock out a ton of small projects around the house and in the garage. New lighting has been installed around the back deck; Some deck boards were repaired; Vegetable garden has been built and filled; and the front interlocking stones have been glue down so they no longer separate when you look at them wrong. A little more clean up and outdoor tasks to be done – new shingles, skirting the lower deck, staining the front screen door, re-screening both front/rear doors – are in queue, but most will wait until July when my next batch of holidays start.

Also during the holidays I was also able to start on some tasks in the garage. Mostly just items that are long over due to be done on the bug. The to-do list is shrinking, so I’m doing something right. A few more full days off and it should be where I want it again.

A pinch over 3 weeks to go and my summer hours begin!


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