In the home stretch

It’s June! At least that’s what the calendar says. Weather reports are showing much different. Looks like things will finally start warming up this week, so fingers crossed that everyone will be complaining about the heat soon!

Not too many updates this time out. My Subaru wheels were stolen about a month ago, and sadly never returned. Insurance paid me out, but sucks to take such a loss. Seeing as I only got about half of their value for them, I am just going to hold off replacing them for the time being. Too many other larger fish to fry this summer.  Otherwise, WRX has been doing fairly well. Finished the sub box build, and done some painting of parts to tie the look all together. Going to refresh the current wheels in the next couple weeks.

Kids have been doing amazing at baseball. Joe is in Tyke again this year, and Abby is playing Atom. I couldn’t be more proud with the determination and drive both kids are having for the sport. Practicing, even on their own, nearly every day. Not sure they will be able to keep that sort of pace up, but so far, so good! And as much as I jokingly complain, being at the ball diamonds 3-5 times a week is about the best place one can be in the summer.

During the week of Victoria day, I took a few days of holidays and was able to knock out a ton of small projects around the house and in the garage. New lighting has been installed around the back deck; Some deck boards were repaired; Vegetable garden has been built and filled; and the front interlocking stones have been glue down so they no longer separate when you look at them wrong. A little more clean up and outdoor tasks to be done – new shingles, skirting the lower deck, staining the front screen door, re-screening both front/rear doors – are in queue, but most will wait until July when my next batch of holidays start.

Also during the holidays I was also able to start on some tasks in the garage. Mostly just items that are long over due to be done on the bug. The to-do list is shrinking, so I’m doing something right. A few more full days off and it should be where I want it again.

A pinch over 3 weeks to go and my summer hours begin!


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All Dogs Go To Heaven :’-(

I don’t even know how to start this post or what to say. Recently our hearts were broken with the passing of one of our chihuahuas. Chewie was born in January 2002, and came to live with Shannon and I shortly after we moved into our first townhouse.  They were about 3 months old.

He along with Bekka have been the fuzzy little lights in our lives for more then 15 years now.  They were our babies long before we even thought about having real babies. Abby and Joey don’t know what it’s like not to have them in their lives. To say this has put a dark cloud over our home and a sad spot in our hearts would be an understatement.

Chewie was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 years ago. Six years of controlled feedings and daily needles have kept our boy happy and mostly healthy and most importantly a joyful little part of our lives. The last couple years as the age and diabetes took their tole on him were tough. He lost his sight 3-4 years ago. Thankfully he adapted and learned to get himself around quite well. Other then the occasional (scary) fall down the stairs, he was a good little dude.

Bekka has taken it fairly well, but doesn’t like to be left alone as much as she used to. When he was alive, she was happy snoozing all day in the bedroom with him. With him gone: if we’re home and downstairs, she wants to be with us.

We will miss you Chewie. You were a fantastic dog, and will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace little buddy.

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