April snow storms bring?! WTF

Well, after 3+ years of ownership the Thruxton is officially gone. Was picked up last weekend by the new owner and driven off into the sunset. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but 3+ years is second in ownership time only to my beetle. That says something. Loved the bike but selling it helps us move forward financially and helps get closer to the new addition on the house. Hopefully in a few years once the addition is completed, I’ll have a space in the garage for another cafe racer styled bike.

With the warming weather, the Beetle has been getting some long over due attention. I’ve got a list as long as my arm of little tasks and jobs that I need to finish off, or complete on the bug to get it closer to where I want it. Nothing major, but many small finishing tasks which I have simply not done. Hoping to have most/all done by the end of May.

With lots of help from my Dad, we’ve been slowly knocking out the partially finished projects around the house. The bedroom closet finally has a door; the door to the basement has been reinstalled; the freezer in the utility area is where the old tanked water heater was – giving a ton of room for storage. Next up is some drywall work and a bunch of painting. Process for having the roof redone through insurance is making progress. It has been approved, but yet to be finalized. Hoping this week we can settle and schedule their company to fix us up. Also, with Shannons knowledge of property maps and a friends metal detector, we’ve been able to find our property line which has enabled us to do a rough mapping of the new addition. Fun news, its gonna be bigger then previous expected!

Speaking of Shannon, just has just returned home from nearly a week away for another course. Kids were fantastic for me as  always. We got the house cleaned top to bottom and managed to watch a Star Wars movie each night except gymnastics night (Wednesday). Very proud of my wifey for going back and working on even more education/masters. It’s going to take a couple years, but she’ll get there. Keep it up baby!

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House Updates

Out with the old, in with the new. With our original water heater giving more and more issues, we decided to finally swap it out. We made the change to a tankless system. Unlimited hot water will be handy the days we all shower to go out, as well the space it frees up in the utility area is welcomed. Over the coming weeks, I will look at building some new shelves for the area to make use of the space. No more piling stuff in the corners.

A few weeks ago during the warm and dry evening I finally fixed up the side of the deck. Last summer the weight of a kiddie pool was too much for the deck to handle. I jacked up the 2x8s and re-secured them to the deck. This time, I also added an additional brace to keep this from happening again. When weather warms, I plan on skirting the entire lower deck with smart board to finish the look. Also, I plan on removing the worn out trampoline, and fixing that portion of the deck as well. It will only be temporary, as that section of the deck will be sacrificed for the hopeful addition next spring. With luck, by this time next year, we will be filing for building permits to build the new garage and laundry room.

Other small tasks coming up are to finally put a door on the new closet that we built, repainting the main floor, and quite possibly starting on the new shower in place of the current laundry room closet. That one is still pending.

On a downside, a recent windstorm has forced our hands with the roof. We lost a great deal of shingles on the back half of the house, as well as a bunch on the two sides. Currently going through insurance to see about getting it repaired. The roof isn’t new by any means, but it should still have lasted another 10+ years at least. The ones not affected by wind are still in good condition. Fingers crossed they will cover the damages.


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